Day 2

  8am arrive Adventure Dive Center issue equipment,( don't forget your wet suit ). Follow boat and instructor to Rainbow River, this is about a 20 mile drive so make sure you have plenty of fuel. We launch at KP Hole county park, 9435 sw 190th ave road Dunnellon, fl. 34432     352- 489- 3055

 We will be in the water and on the boat until 3-4 pm so you need to pack a lunch, there are no disposable items allowed on the river, and they will check your coolers, so pack every thing in glad or tupperware type containers, this means no throw away water bottles or soft drink cans/bottles. 

 After returning to dock you will disassemble your equipment and pack in dive bag, load it in the truck. Then instructor will complete log books and issue your temp. cards. 

"Congratulations!!" at this point you will be a certified scuba diver. From KP Hole you can head home or onto you next adventure.

open water 2 day schedule

Day 1

  8am arrive Adventure Dive Center, 1801 NW Hwy 19, suite 455, Crystal River, Fl. 34428 in the Crystal River Mall.

After signing in, instructors will do short review on home study, review the skills to be learned and explain them to the students and answer any questions. Next equipment will be issued and fitted. 

  10am Head to Hunter Spring for confined water skills training, here you will learn and practice the skill you need as a scuba diver. This part of the course takes about 4 -5 hours, so bring a snack. 

  After confined water session head back to dive center, hang up wetsuits, stow equipment and take final exam, about 1-2 hours.

End of day 1.

   On this page you will find some of the answers to the many questions you have now, and if the answers you are looking for are not here, then they are only a phone call away.      ( 352- 794 - 7227 ) ( 352-450-ZONE)

   The Open Water Scuba Certification, Open Water is the entry level of scuba diving, the first step. Here you learn basic rules of diving, the "do's and don'ts", and you learn and practice the skills you will use on each and every dive. 

  The open water course is divided into 3 basic parts, the academics or classroom, the confined water this is a pool or a shallow water spring, and finally the open water dives 4 in all.

  The academics are done by you on your home computer, a few short videos and some questions about them, it only takes about six hours in all to complete. and is done on your schedule, so take your time and enjoy it as you learn.

  The confined water, after a short review of the academics, your instructor will gear you up and take you to a pool or shallow spring, somewhere you can stand, here they will show you simple skills and you can try them and practice them.

   The final step is the 4 open water dives, the fun part, here is where you put your new skills to work, or should I say to play. 

 This course only takes two days of water time, after you have completed the home study academics, and you will be amazed how fast you take to the water.



Welcome future diver

Thank you for choosing Adventure Diving 

... and for giving us the honor of introducing you to the wonderful world of scuba diving. 


1801 NW. HWY. 19 SUITE 455



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